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South Africa 2024- Clos Malverne Wine

The view of the vines at Clos Malverne from the restaurant
Clos Malverne wine

Clos Malverne Wine Estate is a beautiful haven in the Devon Valley

Today we meet Suzanne at Clos Malverne Winery.

WOW, everything has changed here since our last visit.

The welcome is as warm as ever but the winery and restaurant are now being run as separate businesses. There is a reason for this and that is the owner of Clos Malverne has decided that he needs to retire and so has let the restaurant to an independent company to run as they wish.

Clos Malverne basket press

The good news is that the winery part of the business has been purchased by Suzanne Coetzee and she has been working on and with the farm for many years. So we are very confident that the wines will remain the high quality expected from this winery.

We arrive today and go straight to the cellar where everything is buzzing with the start of the harvest. We are taken into a small area below the cellar which will become the new meeting/tasting room. The renovation of this area is in its early stages as originally it housed 2 large storage tanks, changes are being made and already it has a lovely authentic feel to it. Once completely modernised it will be a great area to have private tastings and to learn more about the winemaking industry.

There will be other changes of course and already there are plans to make some different varieties of wine. The Cabernet Shiraz blend will not be made anymore and will be replaced by a 100% Shiraz. Watch this space for further changes!

If you visit the vineyard, tastings are still in the beautiful setting at the front of the property and for the time being, it is business as usual!

We wish Suzanne and the team all the best with this new exciting venture and we hope before the end of our stay we will get to the restaurant so we can sample the food now being presented.

It will be such a shame if both businesses don't complement each other as the Clos Malverne restaurant is a great showcase for the quality wines made here and the food pairing menu at the restaurant used to be one of the highlights of our stay in South Africa.



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