Bacon & Olive Apéritif Cake from Madame Brigandat

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I was given this recipe from Madam Brigandat one day when we were at their Champagne House. and is perfect with early evening drinks!


Oven temperature

Pre-heat oven to 190°c fan 170°c – 375°f – Reg 5


  1. Grease & flour loose bottom cake tin.

  2. Mix flour, baking powder and pepper together.

  3. Add eggs to flour mixture.

  4. Beat in melted butter.

  5. Add olives and lardons (make sure evenly distributed).

  6. Add to tin for approx. 30 minutes. Cake is cooked when a skewer comes out clean.

  7. Cool slightly.

  8. Slice and serve with Brigandat Champagne!

Cooks tips

This can be prepared in advanced and either served cold or just warm gently in the oven.

Serve with

By itself with a glass of Champagne

Wine pairing

HERBS (2).jpg


  • 180g Plain flour

  • 1 ½ tspn Baking powder

  • ½  tspn Ground pepper

  • 130g Butter (melted)

  • 3 Eggs beaten

  • 100g Pitted & quartered olives

  • 100g Bacon lardons - fried

  • Seasoning


Bacon & Olive Apéritif Cake from Madame Brigandat

50 Minutes

6-8 Servings