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Lockdown news from Clos Malverne

Our best selling sparkling wine from South Africa comes from Clos Malverne Wine Estate.

At this Estate they have had to reinvent themselves several times, before the financial crash they were producing over 1 milliion bottles now they aim to sell 350k. They have concentrated on making a complete visitor experience here in the Devon Valley.

When you arrive you can choose to have a wine tasting, 5 course food and wine pairing meal and now they have added 6 beautifully decorated cottages so you can stay and relax overlooking the vineyards.

Covid obvioulsy has stopped all of the above. Here is their update.

"Obviously the first few weeks were just terrible not being allowed to sell, export or even bottle wine. 

We were only allowed to finish harvest activities. 

In order to make up for our losses we have started offering our bottling and labelling services to other wineries.  This way we could ensure job security to our people and make sure we can additional income besides wines sales. 

We also ran a massive online wine sale campaign during the last 3 weeks of lockdown, where we delivered the orders after lockdown. 

That also played a major role in keeping our cashflow going."

Thank you Suzanne we look forward to visiting again next year and especially enjoying a meal on the stoop overlooking the vines!

At the moment we cannot offer any wines from Clos as our shipment is still having problems leaving South Africa.

We are taking pre-orders so click here to secure your favourite to be delivered as soon as we can.

The following varieties are in our shipment

  • Great news the wines are on their way and should be back with on the shelves mid July

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