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One year on - Stony Brook Lockdown update

The McNaught Family owners at Stony Brook vineyard in Franschhoek have been in touch to let us know what is happening in their vineyard during COVID.

Here is their news!

"It’s been another tough year for the SA wine industry, with local trade interrupted yet again by several periods of alcohol prohibition.
We have been extremely fortunate in that our exports have still been allowed to continue, but we have been desperately missing visitors to the farm and tasting room!
In any event, we have continued with our usual bottlings and I personally can’t wait to get feedback from some of our more recent vintages, specifically The Max and Ghost Gum White – two wines that seem to go from strength to strength each vintage.
Our newly-planted Cabernet Franc vineyard is progressing well and we expect to get a small harvest from it for the 2023 vintage. We are eagerly following South Africa’s vaccination programme, which will no doubt be the major precursor to seeing international travelers back in the Winelands."

Many thanks, Craig for the update!

In the meantime, here at we are proud to be able to support the vineyards and their workers and thank all our loyal customers for buying their wines!

The 'J' - £13.75

Ghost Gum White - £16.25

S.M.V - £15.75

The Max - £17.50


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