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Our passion at carte-du-vin is wine and food pairing

Check out our tried and tested recipes, each with a wine recommendation!​

Quick tips

1. Assemble all the ingredients before starting to cook 

2. Always pre-heat your oven in advance

3.Keep tasting and adjust seasonings as you go along.

  • Brownies with Hazelnuts & Salted Caramel -V


    These delicious brownies are a little effort but are worth it and can be made in advance.

    1 hour 30 Minutes

    9 - 12 Servings

  • Cassis meringues with champagne cream - V


    We have made this for our Christmas Tastings it is a great and looks so festive.

    2 hrs 30 mins – some of this time is for cooling the meringues

    12 Servings

  • Ginger Date Puddings with Caramel Sauce


    Great winter dessert - delicious with a full bodied red wine too!



  • Messy Pudding by Aunty Suze's - V


    This is a family recipe going back to 1950’s a real favourite with all of us from 3 to 70-year olds

    30 mins but allow 2hrs for the mixture to cool completely

    6 -8 servings

  • Mini Choc Cupcakes - V


    Fun cakes for the children or we serve them as a dessert with fresh cream

    36 mini cup cakes

  • Red wine Chocolate Pie - V


    This is a chocoholics dream!

    30 mins

    8 servings

  • Tarte au Citron - V


    This is an easy dessert you could make your own pastry and lemon curd which would make it more special

    1hr 30 minutes


  • Traditional Sherry Trifle by Aunty Suze’s - V


    This is one of our family's favourite - originally my Mum’s recipe nowbeing made by my Sister and again loved by 3 – 70 year olds. There is nothing to compare with a British classic!

    45 minutes and at least 3 hours to cool completely

    8 servings

  • Wild Mushroom Parcels - V


    Great vegetarian dish which is enjoyed by everyone – remember to let everyone know that they are parcels in paper and not filo pastry!

    40 minutes

    Serves 4

  • Beetroot, Carrot & Coriander Muffins


    I love muffins to serve with soups they make a great change from bread, can be made in advance and just reheat for a few minutes – at this time you can add extra cheese toppings.

    45 minutes – pre-heat oven to 180°c 165°c fan – 350°f - Reg 4

    5 large of 24 small muffins

  • Cheese & Courgette Muffins


    Use these muffins to serve with soups, I make in advance and just reheat for a few minutes – at this time you can add extra cheese toppings. Or serve warm with an aperitif

    30 minutes

    5 large of 24 small muffins

  • Cheese Scones -V


    Use these scrummy scones either warm on there own with butter or to accompany a soup.

    1 hour

    12 scones or more depending on cutter size

  • Crunchy Chickpea Eggs


    These eggs are a vegetarian alternative to Scotch eggs perfect for a picnic

    40 minutes plus 4 hours + chilling time

    6 servings

  • Halloumi Stuffed Peppers


    This is a great vegetarian dish.

    45 mins

    4 servings

  • Vegetable & Cheese Muffins - GF


    I love making muffins to accompany soups using different vegetables and herbs to the mix to complement the soup and this is a Gluten free recipe

    35 mins

    6 - 8 servings

  • Butternut & Peppadew Soup - V


    This soup is amazingly easy to make and is a real crowd pleaser.
    Thank you Lyn at Cathbert Country Guest House in South Africa

    1 hour

    6 Servings

  • Carrot & Coriander Soup - V


    We have a glut of carrots from the allotment so I making soups now in the Autumn to freeze and enjoy in the cold Winter months!

    60 minutes


  • Carrot & Horseradish Soup - V


    Perfect soup to warm you on a Winter day.

    50 Minutes

    4 - 6 Servings

  • Courgette & Camembert Soup - V


    When you have a glut of courgettes in the Summer this is a great way to use them

    40 mins

    6 - 8 servings

  • Cream of Mushroom Soup - V


    I have made this soup since the 60’s it is a great recipe and very easy to make.

    45 mins

    4 - 6 servings

  • Pea Mint & Watercress Soup - V


    A great soup to make during the summer - even on a hot day the flavours are fresh.

    30 mins

    4 - 6 servings

  • Roasted Red Pepper Soup -V


    Tasty soup and a great colour with a splash of the Goat’s cheese cream looks stunning.

    50 mins

    6 servings

  • Thai Carrot Soup -V


    This is a great winter warmer with a touch of spice.

    45 minutes

    4-6 servings

  • Wild Garlic and Stilton Soup - V


    Great to forage for Wild Garlic it can be found in the wood around May time as is often interspersed with Blue Bells – the soup itself is a lovely colour from the fresh Wild Garlic. Leftover leaves blitz and freeze.

    30 mins

    4 servings

  • Asparagus Tart with Brie & Black Olive Dressing : V


    I make this tart in May when you can get fresh British aparagus it makes an impressive starter but also can be served with salad for a Summer lunch

    2 Hours

    6 Servings as a starter

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